Glen Rice Nailed Sarah Palin

Basketball fans of the 1990s best remember three-point specialist Glen Rice for nailing buckets throughout his 15-year NBA career.

Now, we can remember the sharpshooter for nailin Sarah Palin in a one-night stand in 1987.

In a soon-to-be published unauthorized autobiography of Sarah Palin titled “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” author Joe McGinniss writes about a fling between then sports reporter Sarah Heath and then Michigan Wolverine junior Glen Rice.

According to McGinniss, the fling took place while Michigan was playing in the Great Alaska Shootout. Rice has confirmed the story and getting in touch with his inner Wolverine. Palin – in the video above – keeps it professional in her report. Little did producers know at the time, Sarah had done a little investigative field work as well.

Regardless of the news, I’ll always remember Glen Rice as the double-knee pad wearing, NBA championship winning, 20 points in a NBA All-Star game third quarter scoring, threat.

I’m sure Rice would make the late-great Wilt Chamberlain very proud of this news. Though Rice didn’t break his record of “20,000” women, he did break The Stilts record for most second half points (24) in an all-star game.