Slugger Manny Ramirez is a Product of Roid Rage

Manny Ramirez has just as many hits domestically as he did during his 2011 season – one.

The enigmatic slugger known for his big bombs on the field was accused of slapping his wife Juliana in the face in a 911 call yesterday.

After spending the night in a Florida jail and charged with battery, Ramirez was released on $2,500 bail earlier today. In a TMZ video, after leaving jail, reporters swarmed his car and stuck microphones in his car. Manny then goes on to grab the mic and toss it out of the car.

His antics and roid rage in the last 24 hours would make the Ultimate Warrior proud.

Because of the domestic abuse, Manny now cannot contact his wife. Which leaves everyone now wondering: where will he score his next batch of women’s fertility drugs from?

Ramirez unceremoniously retired in April from the Tampa Bay Rays after just five April games when the 39 year-old tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance – for the second time in less than two years. Rather than face a 100-game suspension for his second violation of MLB’s drug policy, he abruptly packed his bags and left baseball unannounced.

Ramirez finished the 2011 season with just one hit and one RBI in 17 at bats. He finished his career with 555 home runs.