Party Harty

On March 5, over 500 guests gathered at the Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood for Yerevan Magazine’s private March/April “Nightlife” issue-release party.

This issue was extra special for me because I wrote the cover story on Mikayel Israyelyan, the CEO of Muse Lifestyle Group. Overall, it was my third cover story for Yerevan.

I enjoyed the night with friends, family and co-workers who double as friends. On a personal level, the evening had many highlights. One of them was being on the other end of the microphone as I was interviewed by several of the media outlets covering the event that night. Another was gracing the cover of the magazine I work for, with two of my lovely colleagues. I also spoke on stage. Let me tell you, it’s much easier knowing that millions of people read my name as the writer of any given story than addressing a jam-packed room. Though, I handled it very well. Or so I’m told by those I asked once I stepped off stage.

The best part of the entire night? That’s easy – it’s a two-part answer. It was the next morning when my grandmother excitedly called after she saw news clips of me being interviewed on television. The other was seeing my two-year old nephew’s face light up like I was Buzz Lightyear as soon as he saw the clip. I had a smile from ear to ear knowing that I put one on theirs.

The cover person - Mikayel Israyelyan - in person.