Michael Jordan’s 49 point game as a no-name hack in a No. 12 jersey

Next time you want to call Michael Jordan a no-name hack, well, you can, because M.J. once played a game with a No. 12 Chicago Bulls jersey without his name on the back.

It very well could be His Airness’ most under-reported feat of all-time.

Ninety minutes before tipoff of a 1990 Valentine’s Day game against the Orlando Magic, Jordan’s uniform was stolen. As the story goes, Jordan scrambled to find a jersey, going as far as trying on one young fan’s replica. After realizing it made him look like Karl Malone in one of his smedium ensembles, he opted for the alternative: a generic jersey.

Jordan, was well, Jordan, dropping 49 in an overtime loss and easily becoming the best player to ever don the No. 12.

Tom Brady. Terry Bradshaw. Joe Namath. Sorry. You and your eight Super Bowl victories don’t even come close.

But back to the thief. Kudos to you. I hope he/she gifted it their lover and made it the most authentic gift on the fakest of holidays. It edges out the Romance Kit from Adam & Eve – barely.

Jordan’s known to have worn a few jerseys, and this made me curious: What are his career-high for points in each of the jerseys he’s ever worn? Here we go:

No. 9: Team USA – 24 points

No. 12: Chicago Bulls – 49 points

No. 23: Laney High School – 42 points

No. 23: North Carolina – 39 points

No. 23: Chicago Bulls – 69 points

No. 23: All-Star Game – 40 points

No. 23: Washington Wizards – 51 points

No. 45: Chicago Bulls – 55 points

No. 45: Birmingham Barons – 127 G, .202 BA, 3 HR, 51 RBIs, 30 SB, 11 E, 114 K

No. 53: Team USA – ? points (1984 U.S. men’s basketball team trials in Bloomington, Indiana.)

… And then there is this guy, who will wear Jordan on his back until the day he dies.