Blake Griffin’s Dunk Dictatorship

Blake Griffin is the Adolf Hitler of the NBA. Today, his dunk dictatorship campaign plowed through Poland and Suns center Marcin Gortat. The last time a Pole saw such an onslaught, Hitler was practicing the blitzkrieg set offense in Warsaw.

Earlier in the season, Griffin had his first shining moment over Russian center Timofey Mozgov. He’s even posterized South Korea’s most notable import, the Kia. With countless wounded Americans already on his personal hit list, the handful of active Frenchmen will be next to go from the Allied Powers.

As for today, unfortunately for Griffin, his dunk over Gortat was the greatest dunk that never counted as he was called for a charge – his sixth foul of the game – and had a technical foul to boot for his reaction after the whistle.

Gortat tweeted after the game, “Well nice dunk BG!!! Good charge MG!!:) smart play hold ur ground big fella-dont jump!!! Please put me on Sport center ESPN!!!” only to follow it up with “…… Still Dwight “freak” Howard is the best dunker in the league!!!!”

On ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption (PTI) last week, Magic center Dwight Howard said he was not impressed by Griffin’s championship-clinching dunk over the Kia at the All-Star Game in Los Angeles. He ended the interview saying that he just might have to make a comeback to the dunk contest next year.

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