Armenchik & Snoop Dogg “Hents Hima” Video

Did you ever imagine Uncle Snoop lighting up a spliff in his glitter gold leather jacket and pointy-tipped shoes, as Armenchik threw up W’s and autotuned over the “Doggystyle” album?

Great! Because I thought I was the only one! Now, all of our wildest dreams have become reality as the two have collaborated for the song “Hents Hima.”

In the video, we see a side of Armenchik that hasn’t been brought out before. He is playing with his Mickey Mouse stuffed animals, going Little Richard on the piano, downing caramel frappuccinos, and shadow boxing. As for Snoop, it surly looks like they paid him in weed for his troubles in the song. His incomprehensible “verse” further proves that, as he gets in touch with his poetic side and doesn’t sing a word. They might as well have had him on the track through a voice mail.

The song won’t be heard at any clubs in Long Beach, Watts and South Central anytime soon, but its now playing at the banquet hall nearest you. As a matter of fact, after a couple of 40s, I would even tip a DJ and have him spin the track – sans Snoop.

One red flag for me in the video that says the friendship between two is forged? As Armenchik is headed to Snoop’s studio, he steps into a liquor store and buys a Snapple. Pss, Uncle Snoop gets down on MGD 40s and Swishers. Even I knew that.

Producer Benny Blanko is the liason between the union. It’s not the first time these two have been brought together for a song. On Katt Williams “It’s Pimpin Pimpin” album, Armenchik can be heard on the chorus of the Blanko produced song “Mind Right,” featuring Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne.

In honor of the Snoop Dogg and Armenchik union, I offer their studio time together to be used wisely my remixing some of Snoop’s classics:

1. Ridin’ in My Chevy –> Riding in my Beamer, Benz or Bentley
2. Gin & Juice –> Hemery and Gazoz
3. Still a G Thang –> Still a Rabiz Thang
4. Chronic Break –> Parliament Break
5. 20 Dollars to My Name –> Card Fraud
6. Stacey Adams –> Adidas
7. Hennessey and Buddah –> Grey Goose and Hookah
8. From Long Beach 2 Brick City –> From Yerevan to Hollywood
9. From the Chuuuch to da Palace –>From Arbat to Royal Palace
10. Bo$$ Playa –> Hugo Boss Playa
11. Batman & Robin –> Hayko & Mko
12. LAX –> Zvartnots
13. 1800 –> Patron Dash