1995 freestyle

The start of the school year, the beginning of football season and my latest project sparked me to share a story that’s 20 years in the making.

My father and I would always have lunch during summer vacations. He’d buy a variety of Armenian newspapers to read and give me loose change so I can run to a newsstand and buy a copy of the L.A. Times to have something to read too.

We wouldn’t talk much while eating; it was strictly reading — and each of us hogging for table space to comfortably spread our papers.

This is how it was as far back as fifth grade, when I’d think to myself, “One day I’ll be writing stories for the L.A. Times.”

I’d always keep the Sports section, read every word, and throw away the rest of the paper. This would continue throughout high school, where I’d hide the paper under my math book and read that instead. My friends always knew who to ask for the latest news on the Lakers and Dodgers.

I’d even save particular papers featuring “memorable moments,” a sentimental collection still tucked away in the garage today. By the end of college, my dreams didn’t seem too farfetched as the papers I continued saving started featuring my own reporting and writing.

Although I’ve been at the L.A. Times for a while now, it’s still surreal to see my name on projects.

Today felt like one of the hot summer nights of 1995.

Here’s my latest L.A. Times story featuring an interview I did with Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

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