15 Reasons to Delete Facebook

I’d like to take this space and offer a public service announcement to unstable Facebook users. One day, we have you as a friend, the other day it’s like, poof! and you’re deactivated!

So, here are 15 reasons on when it is OKAY to delete your Facebook, even for 30 seconds.

1. You are strapped for time due to work or school, and need to eliminate all distractions.

2. You just realized you sent a private message suggesting inappropriate advances to a minor.

3. Nobody clicked “LIKE” on your previous post.

4. You are less than five minutes from the Navy Seals breaking through your front door for sending said messages.

5. You are going to the bathroom.

6. Your house got robbed after you wrote “Can’t wait for my week-long trip in Cabo! Hasta luego Muchachos.”

7. Your parents just friend requested you.

8. You’re continually being harassed from your fourth grade science teacher who never understood the concept of the word “No.”

9. You were tagged in salacious pictures from your week-long trip in Cabo, belligerently posing with a group of 50-somethings.

10. You are going back to MySpace.

11. You’ve sent over 250 friend requests in three days to everyone you’ve shared a glance with, and only two have responded back, with one saying – “I’ve never met you before, but you sure look creepy.”

12. Your friends see in their newsfeed that you are now liking fan pages “Kim Kardashian Lovers” “Kim Kardashian Sextape” and Kim Kardashian Bootyism.”

13. The red flags begin to mirror your character flaws, not for notifications.

14. You watched the Social Network, and thought a movie on Twitter would’ve been more riveting.

15. You won the lottery.